Arts in Prison, Inc.

Arts in Prison, Inc. provides educational and personal growth opportunities through the arts for the incarcerated, the recently released and at-risk youth in Kansas and Missouri.

They run the following programs:


East Hill Singers: The inmate chorus called the East Hill Singers meets each week to rehearse choral music and is joined once a month by volunteer singers from the Kansas City area. The group performs several times a year in the Kansas City area and elsewhere in the state of Kansas. The choral repertoire includes a broad range of classical music, show tunes, spirituals and folk music.

West Wall Singers: This chorus of maximum security inmates rehearses weekly and performs in the prison chapel.

Tower Singers: This chorus started in 2007, and rehearses and performs in the medium security unit. They learn a wide variety of music.


Creative Writing: In creative writing classes, inmates discuss and are given feedback about their own fiction, nonfiction, poetry and other forms of writing. The writings are also put on display at each concert.

Drama: Through theater productions, public speaking, and playwriting, participants learn to work together, acquire presentation skills and appreciation of theater.

Art: Through Arts in Prison’s painting, drawing and clay sculpture, photography, and mixed media classes, inmates of all skill levels come together to learn about and practice the technical and creative aspects of making art.

Yoga: Yoga classes teach inmates flexibility, self-discipline, mental focus and relaxation.

Gardening: Gardening teaches inmates relaxation and creativity in the garden and offers vocational skills too.

1333 S. 27th St.
Kansas City, KS 66106


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